Volume 31 Issue 7 - 24 May 2019


Throughout the past several months, the Bookroom has been undergoing a slight makeover!

The new look English section - sorted by author

In order to make the Bookroom more user friendly and the books more easily accessible for library and teaching staff, the textbooks have now been sorted by faculty departments. Each department, ie HSIE, Science, TAS, Creative and Performing Arts, English and Maths, now have their own handy section. The English textbooks have been sorted by author surname, which means staff members searching for an English text in the Bookroom need only remember the author of the book instead of call numbers. The nonfiction textbooks are sorted by the title of the book. This has already made searching for textbooks a much quicker and smoother process. In the coming months, each section will be relabelled with new signage for even easier access. Watch this space for further updates!

The College Library