Volume 31 Issue 7 - 24 May 2019

History Club

At Assembly on 21 May, the History Club recapped all that they have been working on since Anzac Day.

Eliza F spoke to the Assembly about the emails we had received from Belgium from people who sighted our commemorative crosses at Tyne Cot Cemetery. We were able to show the students some photos of their crosses in placed on actual graves (see last week's Inside Out for further information).

Olivia L addressed the Assembly about the work the History Club has been doing to commemorate the contribution of nurses from Campbelltown in World War I. The students were shown many photographs taken by Mr Nash on Anzac Day showing the full involvement of St Patrick's College students in various facets. The History Club  once again donned their nursing outfits from Anzac Day so all students could see their costumes. 

We were fortunate to have in attendance local veterans Mr Elwyn Spencer and Mr Walter Robinson from the Campbelltown RSL Sub-Branch. They presented to Mrs Lennox a Certificate of Appreciation to the College. Mr Robinson spoke briefly, thanking the College and the History Club for its efforts and said that the news of the St. Patrick's nurses had reached 'far beyond Campbelltown'. He said that St Patrick's College nurses 'will go down in history' in terms of the local Anzac Day march. The RSL also presented individual certificates to the girls.

The College and the RSL also had an opportunity to publicly thank Mrs Lucette Zapirain for her wonderful efforts making the costumes.

The History Club is in the final stages of completing its display on the Anzac nurses of Campbelltown, which they are hoping to enter in the Anzac Day Schools Award.

Fran Musico-Rullo - HSIE Teacher